Living in a Grey World #2

In 1994 a book by the name of The Bell Curve was published by some Richard J. Herrnstein, a pyschologist,  and Charles Murray, a political scientist. This book has some interesting ideas concerning the equality of people dependent upon their locations, educations, family size, and a number of other factors, relating all of them to an I.Q. Standard. However I would like to push the idea further, particularly on the strength of the curve itself, the mathematical idea. In American society we have 3 groups of people, The poor, the not-poor, and the obscenely rich (or at least, this is the way it looks from the inside. It’s also why I won’t say for other societies, or compare the USA to, say, the Democratic Republic of Congo). The reason there are three is my perspective on the curve of income.
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A Human Invention #2

He soldered, and tightened nuts, and checked voltages and resistors in his invention before finishing his post. He checked his shoes if they were dry, and put them next to the door. He pulled out his clothing for the next day, and set it on his uncomfortable chair to wait for him in the morning. One last trip to the bathroom for teeth and other reasons.  Finally, as a last step before bed he walked over to his precious pet and living test-subject, filled his bowl of food with pellets and water bottle with water. He set the machine interface in his lap and began hooking it up to the cage while M.S. sniffed it curiously. Taking a step back, one would think the cage was more of a car battery with all the jumper-cables jutting from it when he finished. Continue reading

The Accipiter’s Journey #1

It was as quiet as it could get inside the cruiser. Nominal vibrations from the Dimensional engine were always there, humming away. A good sign for the ship, as without that engine sound, nothing would be operating. Not the life-support, not the nav-controls, not the shielding, and certainly not the distress signal. A modern marvel that seemed to pull electricity out of the emptiness of space, nothing short of a miracle for the crew of the Accipiter. Continue reading

Living in a Grey World #1

We live in this world, and we see it through our eyes, and ears, and perspective. What we don’t always see, is the gears, the cogs, the grease, rust, and anything else we may not believe, or want to believe. What I mean, is that we live in a world where the mundane is what most people live, and because of this, most people don’t want to believe the mundane is what life is going to be like. Low-balling a number of these things we do on an daily basis allows us lots of wiggle room. So, sit back and let me do some math-magic for you and hopefully you will be stupefied, and as largely upset with the world as I am writing this. Continue reading

A Human Invention #1

It was cloudy, it had just rained quite heavily in fact, but that didn’t stop him from crouching by the road to pick up a quarter on the sidewalk. His luck of course; a car raced by, slinging street water all over his back and sogging his shoes. He shivered a little, pocketed the quarter, and continued on his way home. Apartment number 604 opened with his key in the knob. He slouched as he pushed the door open to his dark, musty living space. He flicked the lights on, sniffled and hung his soaked coat on the coatrack by the door, he slid his shoes off, and put them in the dryer. A slight smile crept across his face as the sound of his socks, wet from the now tumbling shoes, squishing under his feet on the tile floor of his kitchen. He took them off just before the carpet, put them in the sink, and moved towards his desk. A pressed button and the murmur of a starting computer tensed his muscles reflexively as he sat in the rather uncomfortable maroon recliner at his desk. Continue reading

Gorun Long-kept #1

“It’s cloudy today.” said Gorun.

The shaman glanced over at her apprentice. “Would that I could disperse the clouds so that the Fatekeeper may grant us a warming gaze.” she said in a single flowing breath.

Gorun let out a deep sigh “You don’t have to make it so dramatic, it’s only the weather.”

A slim smile cut its way across the shamans face as she raised an eyebrow. “‘Only the weather’ you say? You write it off so quickly, dismissing it as something so small that it can be nothing more than a slave out of earshot.” she shifted in the grass, allowing her robe to flow a little more easily about her. She straightened herself upright. “Another lesson is in order, young apprentice.” she said in a more rigid voice. Continue reading